Sightless Mind
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Stalk 2, Back Stap 2
Skill Form : Active
Type : Physical Attack
Target : Immediately
Description : This skill can only be used with Hiding active.
Hiding is canceled afterwards. It has a chance of leaving them [Abnormal Status: blind] or [Abnormal Status: stunned].
Enemies struck with this skill will take 30% more damage for 10 seconds .
The chance of stun/blind is reduced by the target's resistance to abnormal status.

[Lv 1] : ATK 200%, Blind and Stun chance: 13%
[Lv 2] : ATK 350%, Blind and Stun chance: 16%
[Lv 3] : ATK 500%, Blind and Stun chance: 19%
[Lv 4] : ATK 650%, Blind and Stun chance: 22%
[Lv 5] : ATK 800%, Blind and Stun chance: 25%

No data available

Name Type Subtype
[3] Weapon Sword
Automatic Module (Fatal Raid) Card -
Glorious Gladius Weapon Dagger
Kraken Card Card -
Rogue Shadow Armor Shadow Equipment Shadow Armor
Stalker Stone (Lower) Card -
Super Power Shadow Earring Shadow Equipment Shadow Acc. (Right)
Weihna [2] Weapon Dagger
Wolf Orb (Fatal Attack) Enchant -


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.